Newer Techniques In Total Knee Resurfacing Surgery

Understanding Custom Fit Knee Resurfacing

You are unique and so is your individual anatomy and thus lack of accuracy leads to discomfort and even further corrective surgeries.

That’s why Custom Fit Knee replacement surgery, which utilizes MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) technology to create personalized positioning guides for total knee replacement is recommended.

Practical Benefits of Custom Fit Knee Replacement:

  • MRI of the affected knee is done based on which we can make a customized jig for better fitting of the implant for the patients
  • No intra medullary Instruments so minimal chances of fat embolism
  • Minimally Invasive (Just a 4-5 inch incision)
  • Speeds the operation theater time (40% reduced surgical time)
  • Increases implant inventory efficiency (Known sizing)
  • Faster recovery of the patient
  • Perfect patient alignment thus better mobilization

Bilateral Total Knee Resurfacing in One Sitting

Now a days when both knees are deformed, a Bilateral one staged total knee resurfacing surgery is done.

Computer Navigation in TKR

The knee Navigation comprises of user friendly instruments and is backed up by extremely complex medical and computer science. Minimally invasive wireless or wired “pointers” and “trackers” send data pertaining to knee movements (kinematics) to the Navigation System Computer.

Unilateral Knee Resurfacing

When only one part of the knee wears out, we do a Uni compartmental knee Replacement Surgery

Alternative Bearing Surface Knee

Taking a step further from monolayer coated implant, we have an implant with a multilayer innovative coating of Zirconium nitrate


Cementing Technique

Upgraded my cementing techniques by using an optimized vacuum mixing system which provides homogeneously mixed bone cement for better implant fixation against the conventional hand mixing techniques in a bowl

Body Exhaust Space Suit for Total Knee Resurfacing Surgeries

  • Space Suits are used to help reduce contamination from the operating teams from entering the wounds.
  • Space Suits maintain a more sterile environment and offer more mobility to the surgeons. Impure air exhaled by the operating team is pushed down by the rotating fan in the helmet of space suits and absorbed by the laminar air flow in the O.T.



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